Leighton's Paper & Packaging is sensitive towards the environment and are committed to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, which includes product sourcing, distribution and disposal. As a business unit and as a team of individuals we all have a stake in the companies Environmental Performance. Keeping in mind the importance of continuous improvement on environmental issues the following commitments have been made.
  • Aggressively recycle all waste and by- products from our business, including Paper, Plastics, Petroleum’s, Steel and alike.
  • Partner with reputable accredited Recycling businesses to achieve the above.
  • Eliminate wastage of raw materials, energy and process inputs.
  • Source only reputable raw materials that conform to best supply practice from their country of origin.
  • Replace all company vehicles with more efficient ones as they fall due.
  • Comply and contribute to all local regulations and standards.
We understand that Environmental Responsibility is a journey and not just a moment in time.We look forward to the adventure along the way.